Featured Track: “Oceans of Illusion”

“There are Oceans, Endless Oceans, Oceans of Illusion.”

Oceans of Illusion” , the 3rd track in “What’s Real?” album, is the featured track of this week. This article gives a brief musical and conceptual understanding of the track.

For detailed information about “Oceans of Illusion” click here .


“Oceans of Illusion”  has been produced in Electronic New Age genre with elements of ambience. The first four parts of this instrumental track are low-beat, containing mellow and soft Classic instruments and Strings harmonized with Electronic Synths, while the final part starting from 04:32 mark is an up-beat piece and fades out in Guitar and Flute with drums in background.

Following the album pattern, “Oceans of Illusion” points to the blind beliefs in unreal man-made concepts. The illusive atmosphere of the track demonstrates an awakening moment to explore the depth of illusion that widely surrounds us.

The track position in album storyline emphasizes the fact that only by constant questioning “What’s Real?” (second track in album), we may see the well-kept truth.


A descriptive meaning for the word “Illusion” is a distortion in reality, shared by most people (Wikipedia). However, from a point of view, illusion can be interpreted as a belief about a person, a thing or a concept that is blind and different from reality.

Media frequently injects blind beliefs about people and things into our mind. So, the new beliefs implant themselves in our mind particularly when it is hard or impossible to test or experience them.

Gradually, we consider these beliefs as truth and never challenge them. And the more essential they are, the more unreal decisions we make during shaping our lives, our relationships and our characters and this ends up in an unreal life.

Another type of illusions is general belief in man-made concepts. Concepts like perfection, wealth, power, success, social position, possession, becoming someone, safety and security, … are too popular to doubt them. In spite of the necessity of these man-made concepts for a social life, they cannot help us in developing an inner-relationship with ourselves and we remain alien to our true-self.

Initially, our parents and later schools, teachers, friends and media multiply the list of illusions. Even we ourselves extend it by implanting some new illusions to our unconscious belief system.

We have breathed and believed in these illusions for so long that questioning them becomes a challenge of a life time. They control our decisions, interests, relationships and even our last will and testament. We are the slaves of our own illusions and they actually rule our lives.

A fish cannot be aware of the ocean, before jumping up out of water.

Only few people are aware of the illusions that shape their lives, as its trace cannot be easily found. But we all will face the choice between what is right and what is easy. Although drowning in illusion is inevitable, when the time comes, we can at least jump up out of the ocean, even for a moment to become aware of it.


“Oceans of Illusion” is a sad story but not a disappointing or pessimistic one.

It is an invitation to observe the illusion, even for a moment.

Listen to the music, share the experience.

by Marian White

For more information, please visit “Oceans of Illusion” page.


About Silentaria

Silentaria is an Electronic New Age musical project founded in 2010 by Rixa White, a self-taught pianist, keyboardist, composer and poet.

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