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Silentaria is featured on ARfm Radio

Deceived” from “What’s Real?” album is featured by Bruce Gall at ”Synth Sunday” program on ARfm Radio on Sunday June 9, 2013 at 10:00 AM UKT.

Silentaria on ARfm Radio - 20130609


Silentaria music is featured on One World Radio

Join the Show!

What’s Real?” and “Eastward” tracks are featured by Bruce Gall at ”Atmospheres” program on One World Radio on Tuesday May 28, 2013 at 10:00 PM GMT.

8pm UK (3pm EST) Spectral Voyages – Dave Butler
9pm UK (4pm EST) Simply Piano – Laura McMillan
10pm UK (5pm EST) Atmospheres – Bruce Gall featuring Silentaria music
11pm UK (6pm EST) The Album Show
Midnight UK (7pm EST) Music From My Alcove – SeVen (4 hr show)

One World Radio

Sabine is released for Valentine by Silentaria electronic musical project (News)

For celebrating Valentine’s Day and honoring Romain Rolland’s birthday, Rixa White; the masked musician and poet behind Silentaria Electronic Music; calls a lost love to life by releasing a romance single track named “Sabine”.


This contemporary instrumental love lament was formed in Rixa White’s mind while he was reading Romain Rolland’s Nobel Prize winner novel, Jean-Christophe. He composed Sabine single track with a profound sense of drama and romanticism, which differs from his usual contemplative, melodic synthesizer music. The music base is piano and violin, mixed with choirs and flute for creating a romantic blend of passion and melancholy.

True love never dies and in his desperate desire to snatch her from destruction, in need of denying her death, Rixa White tells Sabine love story through harmonies and rhythms. “Sometimes a patch of sky, large, pale blue like Sabine eyes reconnects one to an old memory. Like Jean-Christophe, I’ve dedicated this song to her and strove to call her to life in my music.” said Rixa White.

Lyrics are wonderful for expressing emotions, but to recall the unique personal memory of being in love for each listener and to awake a lost love story buried deeply inside, Rixa White has chosen to release Sabine as a Romance Electronic music track without lyrics.

       Free Download


Sabine track is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at

For more information please visit “Sabine” page at:

Watch “Sabine” video trailer:

About Jean-Christophe: Jean-Christophe (1904 -1912) is the novel in ten volumes by Romain Rolland for which he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1915. It was translated into English by Gilbert Cannan. The central character, Jean-Christophe Krafft, is a German musician, a composer of genius whom Romain Rolland called: “Beethoven in the modern world”.

About Silentaria: Silentaria ( is an Electronic New Age musical project founded in 2010 by Rixa White, entrepreneur, pianist, keyboardist, composer and poet, known as “Man in White”. The project’s music combines elements of Electronic, New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, Ambient and Progressive Rock genres. It is the reminiscence of music projects such as Enigma, Yanni, Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Vangelis and Era.

“Forgotten Promises” single track released (News)

Silentaria ends 2012 by releasing “Forgotten Promises”, a holiday-themed single track.

After releasing two successive albums; The Beginning of the End in 2011 and What’s Real? in 2012, Silentaria, an Electronic New Age musical project by Rixa White, released their first single track, ”Forgotten Promises” which is a piano-based pop-like music piece, on December 25th 2012.

Rixa White had composed a draft version of “Forgotten Promises” melody in 1992. After 20 years, on December 2012, getting emotionally touched by tragedies like Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, he completed the initial melody and released it as a single track.


This Contemporary Instrumental track has a Christmas and New Year theme. It contains three main parts. The first two parts are mainly Piano-based followed by Violins and some mellow and soft Classic instruments such as Strings harmonies. A group of Electronic Synths can be heard in the background which add more depth to it. The final part starting from 02:35 mark, uses drums and percussions and repeats a background theme of Violins and Choirs, looping each time along with a different main melody played by Flutes and Guitars and fades out to the end of the track.

Forgotten Promises

“Forgotten Promises” track concept emphasizes the fact that by reviewing the years of our life, we’ll find out that in spite of all our promises and hopes, things have just got worse and somehow it seems something more than a simple promise is needed to make a real change in the world.

The track cover image illustrates a lonely white Grand Piano surrounded by snowflakes, stars, lights and pixie dusts sprinkling from its end, demonstrating Christmas and New Year theme. The icy blue background color projects coldness of hopelessness. The deep blue eye at the top left represents our inner consciousness that is a witness of our promises. Two semi-transparent Violins in both sides of the image remind the Violins and Strings used in the track harmonies.

Rixa White has published a poem with the same name of “Forgotten Promises” track and there is a music video with Christmas theme background videos and slideshows that combines the poem with this track.

For more information please visit “Forgotten Promises” page at:

It is available for FREE DOWNLOAD.

Watch “Forgotten Promises” music video:

“What’s Real?” album is out now! (News)

Album Overview

This concept album interprets human challenges for knowing what is real in both ancient and modern era.

This is a story of a lost creature, surrounded by reality and illusion contradiction.

By naming the album as “What’s Real?”, Rixa White recalls this essential question that we all ask through our life experiences.

“What’s Real?” is the second album of a sequel named “The Inner Journey”, focusing on a journey to the inner world. All 11 tracks in this album are conceptually related and named based on their roles in the album story line. However, each track can be listened, felt and enjoyed distinctly.

The album cover image illustrates a fading shadow on fading water ripples in the dark which ends up to a dot. The shadow can be any creature diving into illusion. The fact that both shadow and reflection on the water not existing by themselves, emphasizes the concept that what we believe and experience may not be real.

The circle of light which is iconic in most Silentaria’s album covers, here represents the enlightenment of the one who seeks for the answer of “What’s Real?”.

Tracks Overview

The album starts with a mellow track, “Mirage”, which is a low-beat track using no percussion, while hearing very illusive sounds coming from a very far distance.

It is followed by the title track, “What’s Real?”. This second track contains a dialog between a robot asking about reality and an angel who answers him. The double sided style of the music is ear catching as its beat is techno-like and melody and instruments are classic.

The 3rd track is “Oceans of Illusion” that uses a bunch of illusive sounds creating a warm oceanic atmosphere in each of its three sections.

Vital Doubts” is the 4th track and one of the two techno tracks in the album. The main characteristic of this up-beat track is its non-repeating full-length melody that is performed by a kind and friendly sound coming from a combination of four digital strings and flutes.

Curtains over Eyes”, the 5th track uses Electric Guitar and horn-like instruments combined with strings and sitars to create a heroic atmosphere.

Sorrowful Truth” comes in the 6th place and is totally Violin-based followed by some mild epic-romantic harmonic background melodies. The chorus of the track is both sorrowful and soothing Perhaps all can be told about is sorrow, sorrow and more sorrows.

The 7th track is “Deceived”, the only Rock genre track in the album. Electric Guitar plays the main gear of the track but its combination with violins and strings makes a multi-style atmosphere. Human choir also emphasizes the spiritual atmosphere of the track. All four parts are related to each other as a whole story and rebellion and objection are lucidly encouraged in all parts.

The other electronic techno track appears in 8th place named “Real Fantasia”. Its melody is mainly a long repeated sentence with lots of non-repeated harmonic background melodies that projects a kind of happiness in a visionary Fantasia. Almost all sounds are electronic in this track.

In this album, “Consciousness”, the 9th one, is very special. Repeating the Consciousness word combined with metal-like percussions in the background recalls spiritual temples atmosphere. Its spiritual concept is brought up with a techno style and variable melodies performed by electronic instruments even Electric Guitars. The vocals are totally computer-generated human voices.

The 10th track is “Diversion” mainly having a modern Epic atmosphere in both its harmonic intro and main part by using Brass and Strings combined with background Pads and smart Basses.

Echoes from East”, the 11th and last track, has a World genre and contains a variety of Middle Eastern melodies performed by Turkish, Persian and Arabic instruments and percussions.

Watch “What’s Real?” album trailer:

“The Beginning of the End” album is out now! (News)

Album Overview

“The Beginning of the End” is a concept album released by Silentaria, the Electronic, New Age musical project, composed and produced by Rixa White; a self-taught pianist, keyboardist, composer and poet known as “Man in White”.

By naming the Album as “The Beginning of the End”, Rixa White refers to his life status and illuminates his vision of present era.

This album is the first sequel of a set of albums focusing on a journey to the inner world. All 11 tracks are conceptually related and named based on their roles in the album’s story line. However, each track can be listened, felt and enjoyed distinctly.

The album cover image has been designed to emphasize the fact that both the beginning and the end come with enormous blasts in the universe.The light circle in debut album is an iconic sign of Silentaria illustrating a blast of awakening.

Tracks Overview

The mellow theme of “Emerge”, with multi-layered melody and no drum beat, starts to prepare the atmosphere for the second track, “The Beginning of the End”, which is a strong and glorious piece with particularly the same name as album.

It is followed by “Return of the Lost” contains three consecutive movements and ends with an upbeat theme.

“The Ruined Innocence” appears as a chorus music having soft beats, reversed background vocal and expressive melody in an electronic atmosphere combined with influential sound effects.

The next track, “Lament of Being”, is a soft low-beat music which emphasizes sadness.

It leads to “Beyond Destiny”, an upbeat progressive music which is energetic and enhances the listeners’ mood more exclusively.

The most epical piece of the album is “One Last Quest” that reminds us the Enigma’s “Mea Culpa”.

“Hidden Utopia” uses computer-generated vocals to create both breezy and soprano voices for calling Utopia enigmatically. Its identical chord turns into a mid-beat techno in the last part of the track.

Now, “It’s time to go”. In this track the use of computer generated vocals reaches its climax by such a dialogue-like communication between a robot voice and a digital angelic choir. It is mainly about ‘time’ and an invitation to leave the current situation.

“Farewell” is factually indicated a hollow beat by a soothing and consoling theme. It demonstrates a well-built synchronization between electronic and classical themes.

Finally the last episode of the album is “Eastward”. It points to a mystical journey toward spiritual east. It is a mid-beat music containing quad-tone melodies played by middle-eastern instruments and percussions in an electronic space.

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