The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End Album Cover

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 Release Date: October 31, 2011

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Album Name: The Beginning of the End UPC: 885767970687
Sequel Name: The Inner Journey Release Date: October 31, 2011
Sequence: # 1 Copyright: Rixa White
Tracks: 11 Composed by: Rixa White
Length: 57′:30” Performed by: Rixa White
Genres: New Age, Electronic Produced by: Rixa White
Tempo: Various Published by: CD Baby
Vocals: Mainly Instrumental Label: Rixa White
Instruments: Strings, Flute, Sitar, Saws, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Virtual Choir, Drum Machine. Percussions
Track Names: 1-Emerge, 2-The Beginning of the End, 3-Return of the Lost, 4-The Ruined Innocence, 5-Lament of Being, 6-Beyond Destiny, 7-One Last Quest, 8-Hidden Utopia, 9-It’s time to go, 10-Farewell, 11-Eastward 

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Album Overview

This concept album interprets mankind concerns to get free from the past and move beyond destiny via an inner journey as a life quest.

By naming the album as “The Beginning of the End”, Rixa White refers to his life status and illuminates his vision of present era.

This album is the first album of a sequel named “The Inner Journey”, focusing on a journey to the inner world. All 11 tracks in this album are conceptually related and named based on their roles in the album story line. However, each track can be listened, felt and enjoyed distinctly.

The album cover image has been designed to emphasize the fact that both the beginning and the end come with enormous blasts in the universe.

Better saying, every beginning (like the Big Bang) and end (the end of the world) come after each other.

The light circle in the cover is an iconic sign in most Silentaria’s album covers, here demonstrates a blast of awakening.

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Tracks Overview

The mellow theme of “Emerge“, with multi-layered melody and no drum beat, starts to prepare the atmosphere for the second track, “The Beginning of the End” , which is a strong and glorious piece with particularly the same name as album.

It is followed by “Return of the Lost” contains three consecutive movements and ends with an upbeat theme.

The Ruined Innocence” appears as a chorus music having soft beats, reversed background vocal and expressive melody in an electronic atmosphere combined with influential sound effects.

The next track, “Lament of Being”, is a soft low-beat music which emphasizes sadness.

It leads to “Beyond Destiny”, an upbeat progressive music which is energetic and enhances the listeners’ mood more exclusively.

The most epical piece of the album is “One Last Quest” that reminds us the Enigma’s “Mea Culpa”.

Hidden Utopia” uses computer-generated vocals to create both breezy and soprano voices for calling Utopia enigmatically. Its identical chord turns into a mid-beat techno in the last part of the track.

Now, “It’s time to go”. In this track the use of computer generated vocals reaches its climax by such a dialogue-like communication between a robot voice and a digital angelic choir. It is mainly about “time” and an invitation to leave the current situation.

Farewell” is factually indicated a hollow beat by a soothing and consoling theme. It demonstrates a well-built synchronization between electronic and classical themes.

Finally the last episode of the album is “Eastward”. It points to a mystical journey toward spiritual east. It is a mid-beat music containing quad-tone melodies played by middle-eastern instruments and percussions in an electronic space.


“Silentaria’s “The Beginning of the End” makes for a great escape into the wonders of electronic music, and they get full marks for making each track distinctive, individualistic, and eccentric.”  Mike Degagne

“In some of the New Age synthesized instrumental albums that I’ve sampled, after listening to a few tracks, the music begins to take on a sameness, where the different tracks sound like minor variations of the others. Not so with “The Beginning of the End.” Each piece had its own identifying uniqueness that made it recognizable from the others. The album includes some of the most complex and rich electronic music that I’ve heard.”  Jim Chambers

“The music require the listener to set aside time alone, time when the mind can be cleared of all extraneous information, and simply release to the experience that pours out of the speakers. This is a purging time and an enriching one. And we all need what Rixa White and Silentaria offer.”  Grady Harp

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