Track: Curtains over Eyes


Track Name: Curtains over Eyes ISRC: USHM21285284
Album Name: What’s Real? Release Year: 2012
Track Number: # 5 Copyright: Rixa White
Length: 05′:33” Composed by: Rixa White
Genres: New Age, Electronic Performed by: Rixa White
Tempo: Medium Produced by: Rixa White
Vocals: Instrumental Label: Rixa White
Instruments: Strings, Electric Guitar, Sitar, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Virtual Choir, Drum Machine, Percussions


” ‘Curtains over Eyes’  is a stunner, and ironically sounds a lot like an Enya song at the beginning – bird sounds, eerie choir, bell tolling, synth-electric guitar flourishes, but things darken and intensify at the 1:25 mark with the addition of a slow, fuzzed out, industrial heartbeat – as if to remind listeners that this is not your grandmother’s top forty new age music.” — Andrew H. Lee

” Tracks like “Curtains Over Eyes” and “Real Fantasia” may sound like ordinary ambient music if you listen with only half an ear, but closer examination reveals unanticipated contrasts. Shakuhachi beneath skirling electric guitars; intricate symphonic orchestrations over pining wordless sighs. White’s compositions reward active listeners with curiosity enough to follow his changes.” —  Kevin L. Nenstiel

” ‘Curtains over Eyes’ has a cold, hard down-tempo beat that sounds great in the background. … The opening is strong. Sounds like Tangerine Dream.” — Jonathan Raimer

” ‘Curtains Over Eyes’: If modern experience is like a drape, to look behind it is not only necessary but inevitable. The temptation cannot be overcome. The background includes a bouncing ball rhythm, which drops with metronomic uniformity and then ends abruptly. This piece is proclaiming loud and clear that there is nothing periodic in this century: one will always be fooled by any seeming regularities.” — Dr. Lee D. Carlson

Wave Form

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  1. It is kind of hypnotic. Mix it while smoking some herbs or play it with s*x. It is kind of 50 shades of Grey scene.

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