Rixa White

Rixa White - Silentaria

Rixa White is a self-taught pianist, keyboardist, composer, arranger, producer, poet and entrepreneur, known as “Man in White”.

His conceptual music is a modern fusion of genres like New Age, Electronic, Contemporary Instrumental, Ambient and Progressive Rock.

In 2010 and after years of silence, he created Silentaria musical project which holds elements of mystery, sorrow, epic, rebellion and energy together with his fusion genre.

Along with his music, his appearance including a white mask and all-white costume portrays his visions and has become a signature for many years.


As a self-taught musician, Rixa composed his first pieces of music at the age of 14 by Electric Melodica and later continued his music career by giving electronic recitals for family members using his Commodore64.

While studying Industrial Engineering, he continued composing more music using musical softwares and several types of keyboards.

In late 1990s after composing plenty of enthusiastic musical themes, he gradually got involved in computer software business and carried on with his life as an online entrepreneur.

This made him travel around the world, being in touch with more than 20 countries and cultures and stop playing and composing music for a while.

15 Years later, enriched with life and business experiences, like Japanese painters in ancient Zen stories, he started to compose music again after a long break in the form of a project named “Silentaria“. He has been working in his personal studio as a professional composer, arranger, keyboardist and sound engineer since then.

Rixa White also writes haiku-like poems that follow the same concept as his music.

See Rixa’s Autobiography page.

What others say about Rixa:

“You might be interested to know that Silentaria’s Rixa White wears a white mask – “One mask to hide them all” (check the autobiography on his website) – and while this is effective at giving him a mysterious air (possibly making his music and philosophy seem more fascinating than it is) does it have the intended effect of wiping away the listener’s preconceived notions or judgments? Well, yes and no – “yes” because we can’t judge him for what he looks like if we can’t see his face – “no” because less high-minded people will judge him for the very fact that they can’t see his face – and invite the inevitable comparisons to other famous mask wearers such as Zorro, The Phantom of the Oprah, Jason in the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies, and maybe even Tom Cruise’s character in VANILLA SKY…and perhaps that’s fitting after all for a composer who attempts to express in musical form WHAT’S REAL? – it’s a bit of a heroic gesture, and needs a strong character for the task.” —  Andrew H. Lee

“This is New Age Music and in a marketplace where so many albums claim to be in this field, Rixa White is clearly the most sophisticated. His compositions are rich in variations of color and rhythms and harmonics, so much so that at times the listener is transported to an arena where there seems to be a full symphony orchestra and chorus.” —  Grady Harp

“Like many such ambient music ensembles, Silentaria is essentially one man, and as much a triumph of engineering as musicality. Rixa White, a software entrepreneur, turned his attention to composing and recording in 2010, and this is his second album. Like those who paved the road he travels (Yanni and Kitaro come to mind), White uses his synthesizer to combine conventional piano composition and a programmed orchestra in a large, theatrical soundscape.” —  Kevin L. Nenstiel

“Apparently, Rixa White is a self-taught musician. so he is either a good teacher or a good student, because the results have been successful.” —  Donald Gorman

“Rixa White’s music has a unique destination all its own and doesn’t linger long with those that came before. To be reminded of something old and familiar is comforting. To be aware of something new and different is exhilarating.” —  Brian E. Erland

Find out how Rixa White introduces himself at his Autobiography page.

Check out Rixa White’s official website at www.rixawhite.com

Follow Rixa White on Facebook at  facebook.com/rixawhite

Rixa White - Silentaria


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