Media Clipping

There are many websites and blogs that you may find articles about Silentaria and Rixa White. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Silentaria’s Sabine: A Story of Love And Loss

Valentine’s Day Songs

Silentaria: The Sounds of Silence

Instrumental Love Lament: ‘Sabine’ by Rixa White released by Silentaria Electronic Music

Rebellious Electronic Music: Chaos In Beliefs Or Living Life To The Fullest?

A Rebellious New Age Music Artist Inside The System

Silentaria: a diverse approach to New Age music

“What’s Real?”, A Weird Musical Revenge Against New Age Music

Cosmic, Hypnotic, Celestial & Mesmerizing Are Few Words In “The Beginning Of The End” Album

For find Reviews about Silentaria music, please go to Reviews.


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