Track: Diversion


Track Name: Diversion ISRC: USHM21285289
Album Name: What’s Real? Release Year: 2012
Track Number: # 10 Copyright: Rixa White
Length: 06′:16” Composed by: Rixa White
Genres: New Age, Electronic Performed by: Rixa White
Tempo: Medium Produced by: Rixa White
Vocals: Instrumental Label: Rixa White
Instruments: Strings, Flute, Pads, Classic Instruments, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Virtual Choir, Drum Machine, Percussions


” ‘Diversion’ from chosen paths is the rule rather than the exception today: this piece pushes the listener to this stark realization.” — Dr. Lee D. Carlson

” ‘Diversion’ utilizes neat drum tempos at the 1:30 mark. Creative.” — Jonathan Raimer

” The tenth track, ‘Diversion’, once again returns more to the orchestral sound of many of the preceding tracks, but now with what sounds like a woman’s breathing in the background, albeit one that fades away as the song progresses. It’s perhaps the most bland track of this album.” — Connie G. Scammell

Wave Form

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10 – Diversion

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What’s Real?

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08 – Real Fantasia

09 – Consciousness

10 – Diversion

11 – Echoes from East


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