Track: Oceans of Illusion


Track Name: Oceans of Illusion ISRC: USHM21285282
Album Name: What’s Real? Release Year: 2012
Track Number: # 3 Copyright: Rixa White
Length: 05′:48” Composed by: Rixa White
Genres: New Age, Electronic Performed by: Rixa White
Tempo: Medium Slow Produced by: Rixa White
Metre 4/4 Label: Rixa White
Vocals: Instrumental    
Instruments: Strings, Flute, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Virtual Choir


“There are Oceans, Endless Oceans, Oceans of Illusion. Do not believe in illusion, remember the truth, I am here.”


Only few people are aware of the illusions that shape their lives, as its trace cannot be easily found. But we all will face the choice between what is right and what is easy. Although drowning in illusion is inevitable, when the time comes, we can at least jump up out of the ocean, even for a moment to become aware of it.


The first four parts of this instrumental track are low-beat, containing mellow and soft Classic instruments such as Strings harmonized with Electronic Synths, while the final part starting from 04:32 mark is an up-beat piece and fades out in Guitar and Flute with drums in the background.


This track is completely instrumental and has no lyrics.


” ‘Oceans of Illusion’ is a prime example of synthesized music that works well. The music sounds like a muted orchestra as the song progresses, with only the popping sound of the synthesizer in the way of authencity. This track never becomes overbearing and is one of my favorites.” — Connie G. Scammell

“”Oceans of Illusion” seems to delight in unreality but one could easily form bodily patterns that match or succumb to its rhythms, as modern dance can be both resonant with and antagonistic to musical themes.” — Dr. Lee D. Carlson

” ‘Oceans of Illusion’ is a good piece of work. It has a simple melody and most notably, patience in execution. Listen and you’ll see what I mean.” — Jonathan Raimer

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About Video: This video is a dynamic slideshow consists of a series of oceanic landscapes projecting illusive visual atmospheres based on the concept of the track. The above mentioned track’s slogan along with a couple of Rixa White’s poems such as “Drowned in Illusion“, “Everlasting Wander” and “A Slight Change” are displayed in some scenes in this video.

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  1. Dude, relax, close your eyes mp and drown yourself in Oceans of Illusion music. That’s how I like it.

  2. Sensual spiritual, like it. I was looking my fish tank in a dark room and the music filled the room. wow.

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