Track: Forgotten Promises



Track Name: Forgotten Promises UPC: 887516138102
Album Name: Single ISRC: USCGH1300381
Track Number: 1 Release Year: 2012
Length: 04′:44” Copyright: Rixa White
Genres: Contemporary Instrumental Composed by: Rixa White
Tempo: Medium Slow Performed by: Rixa White
Metre 4/4 Produced by: Rixa White
Vocals: Instrumental Label: Rixa White
Other Genres: Acoustic, Classical, Orchestral, New Age
Moods: Christmas, Holiday
Instruments: Piano, Strings, Violin, Flute, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Virtual Choir


“Another Christmas is coming, A new year will begin, I am looking through the window, watching people under snow …”


We use to set some new targets and promises in anniversary events such as Christmas and new year. When the current year started, we promised to do many good things during that year. By reviewing the years of our life, we’ll find out that in spite of all our promises and hopes, things have just got worse and somehow it seems something more than a simple promise is needed to make a real change in the world. Why is it like that and what else do we need to make it happen?


This Contemporary Instrumental track has a Christmas and New Year theme. It contains three main parts. The first two parts are mainly Piano-based followed by Violins and some mellow and soft Classic instruments such as Strings harmonies. A group of Electronic Synths can be heard in the background which add more depth to it. The final part starting from 02:35 mark, uses drums and percussions and repeats a background theme of Violins and Choirs, looping each time along with a different main melody played by Flutes and Guitars and fades out to the end of the track.


This track is completely instrumental and has no lyrics.


Rixa White had composed a draft version of “Forgotten Promises” melody in 1992. After 20 years, on December 2012, getting emotionally touched by tragedies like Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, he completed the initial melody and released it as a single track on 25th of December.


“Unlike the ethereal synthesized music of Rixa White in more recent compositions, “Forgotten Promises” has a more conventional sound of piano and strings, but it’s just as mesmerizing” — Jim Chambers

“At a time when solace is much needed, the music by Rixa White in this `Forgotten Promises’ helps soothe away some of the pain we feel and helps us enter a better state of mind.” — Grady Harp

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The track cover image illustrates a lonely white Grand Piano surrounded by snowflakes, stars, lights and pixie dusts sprinkling from its end, demonstrating Christmas and New Year theme. The icy blue background color projects coldness of hopelessness. The deep blue eye at the top left represents our inner consciousness that is a witness of our promises. Two semi-transparent Violins in both sides of the image remind the Violins and Strings used in the track harmonies.

Forgotten Promises

Music Video

About Video: This video displays a free style poem from Rixa White along with “Forgotten Promises” single track from Silentaria. The main theme is Christmas which is created using the Christmas-related background videos and photo slideshow. The poem is about current situation of the world in spite of promises that we make every new year to change it a bit.

Wave Form

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