Here, some frequently asked questions about Silentaria and Rixa White are answered:

Q. What does the word “Silentaria” mean?

A. Silentaria is a made up word created by Rixa White as the name of his New Age project in 2010. It has two parts as “Silent” and “aria” which the combination is pointing to the silence of inner side of human as a temple of silence and peace.

Q. Why does Rixa White wear that kind of costume?

A. His costume projects the peace and silence and the white mask is preventing his music to be judged by his outer face.

Q. Why is Silentaria’s music mainly instrumental?

A. Rixa White believes that instrumental music can talk better than any vocal music, therefore, he uses computer-generated human voices in Silentaria’s music as some kind of instrument.

Q. What is “The Voice of Emptiness”?

A. “The Voice of Emptiness” is Silentaria’s main slogan meaning that Silentaria provides a kind of music that can be interpreted as the voice of emptiness. It refers to a kind of music that can creatively empty human mind, helping him to continue the inner-side journey to become an empty temple of being.

The Voice of Emptiness” is also a name of a blog in Silentaria’s website. Check it out here.

Please find out more facts in Silentaria and Rixa White pages.

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