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A Wandering Knight

A Wandering Knight

Rixa White - Silentaria

A wandering knight
wambling in an endless road

Thinking to himself

Where the others are?
Taking care of what?

Who am I?
but a fading footprint

on a dark empty land
under a starless sky

seized by roaring shadows
and delusive hopes

by Rixa White

Nothing is Real

Nothing is Real

Survival is an ancient dream 

Life is nothing but an everlasting illusion

Nothing is Real

Don’t believe in illusion,

Remember me,

I am here …

by Rixa White

Old Times

Old Times

It is a mind-wandering time

Remember the old times

when illusions were distinct

Remember the old times

when a friendly chat

was all we needed

to brighten up our hearts

by Rixa White

Start Growing

Start Growing

A soft and gentle growth

Under a blue sky

Over a high mountain

Extended over a vast land

When the sun comes up

Start growing

by Rixa White

Show me

Show me

I bow to purity

But what is pure?

Show me purity

I bow to clarity

But what is clear?

Show me clarity

by Rixa White

For what’s worth breathing (poem video)

“For what’s worth breathing” poem video

About video: This video represents “For what’s worth breathing“, a haiku-type poem by Rixa White.

About poem: The poem interprets human wanderings and loneliness in the world and how only love can help us all.

About music: The background music is “Lament of Being” which is the 5th track in Silentaria’s album “The Beginning of the End“.

Check out more videos in Silentaria’s Youtube Channel.

Power of Peace

Power of peace

Here I am

Looking at the world’s mirror

Finding myself

at the center of a maze

Constructing the roots of a dream

for a nationless society

by the power of peace

 by Rixa White

Watch “Power of Peace” poem video:

The Invisible

The Invisible

The Invisible is moving

Softly and soothing

I feel it inside

It is you

It is my feeling for you

I want to give it life

My whole life

by Rixa White

It is a show

It is a show

They decide to show it is good
It is a show

They shout it is good
It is a show

They won’t let anything good to show up
It is a show

What do people believe?

Is it a show?

by Rixa White

For what’s worth breathing

For what’s worth breathing

Look at me
I am the life in a wasteland

Look at me
I am the slavery through the ages

Look at me
I am the mirror of the world

Look at me
I am the illusion I’ve fought for

Look at me
I’m still loving you

and I keep being here

for you, for me,
and for what’s worth breathing

by Rixa White

Watch “For what’s worth breathing” poem video:

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