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From Rebellion to Emptiness: an unconventionality in New Age music

Man in White - Rixa White - The man behind Silentaria

Inspired by Wholeness and Emptiness philosophy, Silentaria manifests its slogan: “The Voice of Emptiness”. But how can an Electronic New Age fusion music with elements of Progressive Rock claim to be so?

Deep down inside, in places we do not tell our cool friends about, there is a part of us that loves to live different, question the beliefs fearlessly without worrying about “What comes if I do so?”. Silentaria music is intended to become in contact with that potentially rebellious part and awaken the rebel who is hiding somewhere inside.

People often consider rebellion as a destructive and vicious objection in outer world against political or social norms, but it can be a form of constructive self-criticism when it is applied and interpreted in raising questions against restrictive beliefs and mindsets.

The rebellion concept has played a significant role in the evolution of contemporary music. Concepts and attitudes along with costumes and hairstyles have expressed various forms of rebellion in music history. Rixa White, a long-haired man in plain white, hiding his face behind a white mask is Silentaria’s iconic image. This mysterious image demonstrates Emptiness on the one hand and visualizes Rebellion against all masks that we wear in life on the other hand. “One mask to hide them all” as he says in his autobiography or perhaps he needs a mask to play a true story he carries within, as Oscar Wilde noted: “Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”

It still seems a very odd move to present rebellion concept in New Age music and Rixa White might be the first New Age artist that has been raising questions and encouraging his listeners to activate an inner revolution instead of forcing them to relaxation and serenity. In fact, Silentaria invites listeners to experience the life as it is and opposes presenting any step-by-step instruction or belief system since persuading a particular constant direction will lead to conformity and obedience.

By observing and releasing the deep chronic sense of insecurity and dissatisfaction, rather than escaping, controlling, suppressing or denying it, the inner space will be unoccupied for Emptiness to descend. So, fear not and let the pure experience happen and observe both frustration and frenzy, witness them all and embrace the infinite possibilities that are unfolding from Emptiness.

Listening to multi-layered yet harmonious music of Silentaria opens a door to silence and as music depends on silence to distinguish sound, Rebellion becomes the key to Emptiness.

Listen to Silentaria’s Rebellious music; hear the quiet voice of Emptiness within.

Marian White

For more information please visit Silentaria and Rixa White page.

Find out how Silentaria is a diverse approach to New Age music.

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Rixa White, an unorthodox artist from the new wave of New Age musicians


Silentaria: a diverse approach to New Age music

After a long silence, Rixa White introduced Silentaria, an Electronic New Age musical project, in late 2010.

Silentaria is a made-up name with two parts of “Silent” and “aria”, indicating a quite hymn or tune. The combination is pointing to the silence of human inner side as a temple of silence which is the source of every sound. The questions are “What does Silentaria music signify?” and “How does the music communicate with its listeners?”.

Although Silentaria music is categorized in New Age, Rixa’s music is neither therapeutic nor related to any belief system at all. Tracks like “Lament of Being”, “The Ruined Innocence”, “What’s Real?” and “Vital Doubts” bring up the suspicion that this music is a kind of revenge against usual soft titles like the most relaxing New Age music in the universe.

Silentaria’s multi-dimensional fusion music benefits from emotional melodies and diverse instruments and devices to create multi-layered themes with cinematic atmospheres, progressive orchestrations, polyphonic harmonies and hypnotic rhythms. This emphasizes elements of mystery, sorrow, epic, rebellion and energy, alike a melody of the whole and releases the inner frustration to embrace infinite possibilities unfolded from emptiness. It brings Rixa’s vision to mind which is inspired by the Wholeness and Emptiness philosophy and manifests in Silentaria’s slogan: “The Voice of Emptiness”.

Beside aforementioned elements, Silentaria music encourages a pure experience of life. It insists on facing the life burden as it is and not pretending that everything is fine outside while suffering inside. By this way, we do not need to hide our true-self and stop throwing ourselves into good mood. Rixa White believes that music can be a cure, if we let ourselves into a pure experience beyond our conceptual beliefs, observe the trap instead of ignoring it and become a witness, a Silent Witness.

 “A slight change”, a poem by Rixa White explains it all:

The last not the least, it might be impossible to get caught in usual New Age music monotony while listening to Silentaria music. It turns from soothing instrumental (Farewell, Sorrowful Truth) into cinematic Epic (One Last Quest, Return of the Lost) and from energizing Electronic (Beyond Destiny, Real Fantasia) into thundering Rock (Deceived, Curtains over Eyes). But it is quite easy to surround yourself by this hybrid music that demands your sub-conscious for exploring strange sonic shores.

Listen to the music, share the experience.

by Marian White

For more information please visit Silentaria and Rixa White page.

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